Order Of Preference

Palm Springs California 9:39 AM

April 20  2018

Order Of Preference.

I woke up this morning after a full night sleep which has not happened in over one year until this week when that Natalie vanished by the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency from that house out in Columbine. One by one the Harmon family members but also their friends and family are being killed by the agencies. Germaine insists she will drive me so crazy I will lend up in a mental hospital by having what is left of her family never shut up or leave me alone on that network. Not only is that lunatic violating church rules but also those of her father who was part of Lucky’s family. The Harmon family donated most of their millions to the church of Hillary years ago and was left with a percentage of the total amount in their Traditions LP account. The Feds froze the remaining funds three years ago then released them when Hillary enslaved the Federal Bureau of Investigations which ended investigation number five by the Feds about that app. It turns out the app was the brainchild of Jeff Bezos and the CEO of Apple who sold the rights and intellectual property of to the New World Order.

During the six months between investigations numbers five and six before the Feds froze all cult and church members but also the leaders of the cult Germaine bought up a bunch of foreclosures full of rats. Those are the houses and there are not that many she is luring people into around the country for her son to kill as they knew me once or hated him always. Both Germaine and Tim confirmed last night Tim is a hermaphrodite who they did not cut but also that Charlie Harmon instructed all of his children to never reproduce because of that therefore all were to adopt if anything. That family is out of money, out of drugs, losing family members left and right but also most of their Treasure Island Media staff who they have been sending into Palm Springs to shoot me for months now. Those who attempted never came back.

Blueberry Drive.

Margie Vasquez and filthy Bob are running around southern California in a dirty van they installed electrical outlets in themselves as Bob was a mechanic. My grandfather always referred Bob to me in private as ‘dirty’. They are still looking for Paul, Sean, Hannah and Britt and each time Margie injects her heroin then meth she speaks as if she is a mafioso. She truly believes she outranks me in my grandfathers family business. Hits have been out on her and her family for three years now, her children are missing and she has no money. Nobody has her back but I have Lucky’s family but also the CIA and the FBI now. They are so fucking disgusting I need a Xanax every time I hear her weird pretentious voice on that network. Nobody wants them on that network including her cousins Pat and Germaine but they just won’t go away or home to Brewster until Scott is dead according to her.

You’ve Got Guests.

Andre Dignelli was one of the best in the horse business, he made millions of dollars and worked very hard as did his partners and employees. They were never friends of Leo but they were friends of Hillary and members of that church and cult. He and they can’t be fooled by the Harmon invites into those dumps for Tim to kill. I learned this morning Andre along with his best friends and staff but also the Phillips family cleverly broke into that house on Blueberry Drive in Brewster because they knew that family would never come back and have been hiding out there for a few days. He described the house as so fucking disgusting especially the sofa and drapes just like he expected it would be as Scott is always right and Scott wrote about that trash from Brewster years ago. I suggested Andre and his group if they have enough money for gas head on down and break into Joan Lunden’s home in Greenwich or the Lindemann family home in the same town as those families are long gone. At least the furniture would be clean and the beds clean enough. A few others are hanging out at Margie’s sisters house in Ridgefield such as one of the women that raised me who always wore a bandana and the psychotic one who made the prank call to me years ago. Last I heard they were headed to Stamford to that lodge made of cedar. No Starbucks or libraries or similar for any of them as I will not allow it. Who knew that group would be breaking and entering but also trespassing at this point in their lives.


I do understand the method the CIA and FBI are using to kill every single member of that cult and the New World Order leaders and members nationwide but also worldwide. They are leaving some members of some families out there running around in circles still and are killing the rest. The only people speaking on that network are people I know personally one way or another while literally millions of people who were to be the New World Order worldwide have computers connected to that network. Here in the United States I know for certain all those enslaved have computers but so does everyone involved in that kill Scott pyramid scheme but also all who agreed to never help me for one million dollars they would receive when I finally dropped dead. The really stupid ones believed it was just those given computers given to kill Scott. As if Dick Cheney would have wanted to grab that dough of one million or twenty five to kill Scott. He actually extended me an invitation to be part of the New World Order along with Bob Turzilli.

I chose the title ‘Order of Preference’ for this post as many horse people including the cannibal family would understand that is a call back order in many equitation classes at horse shows. Sometime the order of preference was reversed by the judges usually it was not. They were allowed to do that according to American Horse Shows Association rules. The order of preference for the CIA of who they are killing and leaving until later makes no sense to them but it does to me. All those still speaking on that network believe they are the New World Order when they were never to be part of the New World Order. All were to be exterminated or convinced to commit suicide by the church when the time was right. I was on the list to bring forward as I was viewed by Dick Cheney as one of the best and brightest. The list included the best and brightest from every industry including scientists, professors, businessmen, teachers but not horsemen or any members of that murdering cult. They should never have formed that cult as if they had not and they had not used me for that app the New World Order worldwide would have succeeded by now.


Scott T. Kemery



Palm Springs California 11:07 AM

April 19  2018


As the Central Intelligence Agency is methodically removing the trash from the cult of the New World Order but also New World Order leaders and members worldwide the insanity on that network has not stopped. As the number of those animals dwindles from this earth therefore that network some of the lunatics still speaking on that network are now my sources of information as the agencies will never tell me a thing however as I have written before they do show me what they want all to see and every once in a while something special just for me. The SUV that rolled over and blew up last week was being driven by that psychotic Mackenzie Harmon. Eric Gelman who I dated years ago who Tim Harmon paid to introduce me to Crystal Meth was in that back seat and that is all I know. Eric was paid up until his death to be Tim’s boyfriend and according to Tim Eric had to eat his own shit because Tim told the filthy whore to do so.

My Son.

For almost twenty four hours now my sisters, my mother and that cunt Margie and her dirty disgusting husband Bob Vasquez have been asking where Sean, Paul, Britt and Hannah are. They were one of the groups who took it upon themselves to shoot me here in Palm Springs. The only confirmation I have those four are dead is the tears from those animals who loved them so much. Each waiting for the serial killers has said those four would answer them by text in seconds always. According to them no responses now in twenty four hours. I was excited to learn this morning Sean Kemery is or was not my full brother. According to my mother it turns out he was the son of Steve Rocco who my mother had an affair with while my father had an affair with Steve’s wife Eloise while we lived in Queens New York. I was four years old at the time and remember my father telling my mother there was no way the baby she was pregnant with was his as he had not had sex with her in ages.


Sean Kemery and Paul Hobot were serial killers from the ages of seventeen and nineteen. The started their spree long before they were given permission by the church to fill a monthly quota of people to kill to reduce the worlds population. Ass backwards is hardly the expression I would use to describe the United States New World Order leaders to not murder all at once as Europe and the rest intended to do once our Marshall Law was enacted. The church bred hundreds of thousands of serial killers who murdered at least seventy million people in this country. It is no wonder the New World Order failed worldwide. The United States New World Order leaders never saw an uprising and revolution coming while they allowed trash to randomly murder whoever they wanted for years.

They should have consulted with Henri de Rothschild before they allowed their cult to run wild with guns. What makes no sense is all railway employees, airline employees, bus drivers and similar were enslaved for Marshall Law day when millions of Americans were to be transported to those death camps to be exterminated. That part was organized so why did they bother with the underlings of the church. Those at the top should have known and stopped Hillary and her murdering cult members of that church. The whole thing turned out to be a complete disaster for the New World Order worldwide because of the United States which was their biggest fear in the first place. They feared our military intervention and needed the United States on board and that was not even set up properly here for their master plan worldwide. On top of that the app began rolling again worldwide while Hillary and the rest bragged about their plans for their New World Order. Underground movements and revolutions began around then.

Hence The Invite.

Those emails sent recently from the Harmon family inviting church members, politicians, my friends from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Springs to Hollywood, former friends of mine who sold me out for a million if I died were sent by the Harmon’s but the sender was different for each group. None of my Hollywood friends or any others around the country fell for the one from ‘Friends of Abe’. Most of the rest of the assholes who are going to die anyway such as Christina and Scott Rogers from Long Island and quite a few others around the nation are showing up at those houses. Tim has said one hundred times already they must sit in those houses and wait for him to come kill them because Scott always had friends and he never had one and he was always so jealous so he was going to kill them all. Despite the fact I want those assholes dead for some reason he does too he is so fucking crazy just like his mother. Whatever happens in or near those houses which are scattered about the nation will likely not be the work of Tim Harmon as he has sent almost all of his Treasure Island Media trash into Palm Springs with guns to kill me by now. He is likely his only hit man left. Mama lost her drugs and magic pills yesterday and the rest of the cannibals are running out of drugs quickly but also have no money as mama was very low on cash. That family is finally in their final resting place and will all be dead soon.

Did To You.

I laugh out loud knowing what was done to me by those animals of the cult for that app is now being done by us to all those scumbags especially my family and people I really hated who did nothing but gossip especially those filthy white trash horse shippers from Long Island. The church took most of their money first then the government took whatever they had in the bank almost fifteen months ago. They lived in their cars for fourteen months and now refuse to go home as instructed by the church for fear of retribution by the church but also the CIA or are they all paranoid schizophrenics as they said about me. Some are sleeping in shelters and most are being thrown out of every Starbucks nationwide but also libraries and anywhere they can find an electrical outlet. They have nobody to call for help and many of their friends and family are gone forever.

The Difference.

What they did to me who all watched on that app is now being done to them before they are killed by the CIA. I was homeless on the streets of New York City when that app was rolling and I was quite famous not only there but worldwide. They had me thrown out of homeless shelters until I finally got away but while on the streets New York City constantly looked the other way including the good police who saluted me one time, the employees of Duane Reade who watched me shoplift food and looked the other way hundreds of times, the libraries who never threw me out, the hotel employees who let me use their computers to write despite the threatening phone calls to throw me out. The firemen of New York City were my biggest fans just like Barstow. They always waved and said hello and often saluted me as I walked around that city screaming my head off. D’Agostino refused to bang on the bathroom door while local police down there on Greenwich Street looked the other way when I shopped in front of D’Agostino where I was given a line of credit from my friends who knew what I needed to keep moving. Bus drivers let me ride for free in New Jersey and Manhattan as did MTA and ticket agents at most subway stations.

A few friends of mine who work in that city have told me the mood of New York City has turned from fear from that reign of terror to relief and belief that this nightmare is about to end for millions of Americans. The serial killers are returning home but now they are afraid to go home. They are wandering the streets looking haggard and disgusting while searching for electrical outlets as well as their friends and family. The police and firemen and everyone who knows which is likely every innocent in that city are laughing in those animals faces now. No plugs for them at Starbucks or anywhere, New World Order cards are no longer accepted for free food or anything else and there is no church for free meth and bullets. If they were smart they might do what I did many times while in that city. Only at Dunkin Donuts I would place an order which was always filled before they asked for payment. Each time my debit card was declined and each time they smiled and handed me my coffee and said no problem. These motherfuckers will not get away with that as back then while the app was rolling those living in fear were calling me Jesus and the revolution in that city had already begun. One of the biggest mistakes ever made in the history of the world was enslaving me for that app.



Scott T. Kemery

Chosen One

Palm Springs California 3:08 PM

April 18  2018

Chosen One.

I have been writing just one post a day lately as much of what has been going on with the demise of New World Order is easy for me to write in one post. Earlier today I wrote about Germaine Harmon and her delusions of becoming the leader of the New World Order by trapping and murdering the Bush and Cheney families along with a few other political figures. I also wrote she sent invitations to many of my friends offering a safe house for Friends of Abe who she guaranteed safe passage into the New World Order. None of them fell for it as Abe is real but only on the streets of every town and city in this nation everything about Abe is word of mouth. My family and their friends were also offered invitations to a safe house as long as they agreed to help drive me crazy by never shutting up on that network or help murder me. Germaine used her real name for those invites.

Invites sent to the Bush and Cheney families and this has been confirmed to me now by Lynn Cheney were extended using an alias of some sort. No members of those families knew it was a Harmon who offered them a safe house. Once I figured out what that lonely old decrepit cannibal had done most of those including the politicians who were invited to around two hundred houses left immediately. Tim explained to everyone in those houses this morning all guests in his houses were to do as he said but also he intended to kill all of them in the end for insulting him over the years on that network. He also explained he and his mother intended to kill all members of my side of the family but also those filthy cunts from Brewster once I was dead.


My mother has been very silent for the past twenty four hours however Germaine and that trash Margie have not. They have been going on and on about driving me crazy and having me killed. I have written many times I am the grandson of the right hand man of Lucky Luciano which was confirmed a few weeks ago by my grandfathers best friend Father Peter. I always knew I was raised separately by my grandparents and do believe taking down and out the New World Order was why. Of course they did not know why but they knew they where was a reason. Today my mother screamed her head off at Germaine reminding her of what they were both told by my grandfather many years ago. I was never to be harmed as I was ‘the one’ by any of his daughters or their families. Those were his and their rules and they understood no further explanation was necessary. The threats made to every single member of my family a few years ago came from Lucky’s family. This was confirmed by Father Peter just a little while ago. All received one warning they would be killed if they did not stop with the app and everything else that my family was doing to me including the theft. That is when the Harmon’s and the Vasquez family and also the Saracino family started running. My mother was not warned she would be killed however she was instructed to warn the rest of the family they would as in that world the fate of the mother is decided by the son violated and nobody else. My mother confirmed this about one hour ago.

No hits are out but they are just in case. The CIA is handling business for myself and my grandparents and Lucky’s family. The United States government does work well with those such as Lucky. After Lucky fled back to Italy to avoid prosecution the United States government brought him back to help them solve the bombing of a ship in New York Harbor. He spent the rest of his days in the United States and my grandfather received his pension checks until the day he died. Today Germaine Harmon was shamed by our family priest, my mother, myself and her own children except Tim for how she is still violating me for thirty minutes this afternoon. The Harmon children were never told what Germaine was instructed by my grandfather however my sisters and brother were by my mother. Germaine who stole all of her children’s eighty million dollar inheritance except Tim’ is still encouraging her disgusting friends of that Hanrahan family who are part of her traveling carnival cannibal freak show to try to drive me crazy. A few assholes from Long Island like that wig wearing bartender Tom House who never wrote a book worth reading just arrived and Germaine is encouraging him to do the same while Maria Vitelli is screaming at him to shut the hell up. Some people understand and respect others such as Germaine and her freak show who are literally all about to die never will.

When that app was rolling while I was still in New York City millions heard me scream many times how dare they do what they were doing to me as I was the grandson of Lucky Luciano. I knew there was a connection and over time I figured out I was the grandson of his right hand man. Today every single thing I did figure out was finally confirmed by those who still want me dead except my grandfathers best friend. I know the CIA and the FBI are laughing their asses off now but in the end it makes no difference to them. It does however make one person and myself future symbolic figure heads in Lucky’s World.

Bob Turzilli.


Scott T. Kemery

Last Resort

Palm Springs California 9:38 AM

April 18  2018

Last Resort.

For the past month the Central Intelligence Agency has been smoking leaders of the United States New World Order but also worldwide out of their hideaways which are underground, under water, inside of mountains, under highways and more. They did this by using the device in my head which is CIA technology which all New World Order members worldwide have a network computer connected to. Images  of those hideaways under cross cutouts that are easy to find from above but also many hideaways where the cross symbol was not so easy to find near entrances of hideaways in the desert but also hideaways under waterfalls and shallow seas worldwide. All hideaways including those only known to a select few were shown to me intentionally by the CIA for all of the New World Order to see so they knew we knew. The symbols for hideaways for select few were similar to but different than a simple cross and were embedded in rocks, fence posts and doorways to what seem to be normal houses where deep underground was a hideaway. These special hideaways were for those at the top or the New World Order worldwide.

Magic Pills.

All hideaways had stashes of magic pills but only those of the elite members had the most current technology as far as those pills go. About one week ago the leaders worldwide of that organization finally came above ground and either had no more magic pills at home or any other hideaway they could go to that they believed would be safe. The fleet of shuttles for the elite to escape to the space station if what is actually happening now happened was dismantled before we rose them from underground. The ships they planned to sail to another galaxy were also dismantled. Perhaps a few made it to outer space if they did they are never coming back as we will not allow it.

Kill Tim Harmon.

Many surprise voices spoke up on that network beginning in 2016 all were focused on one thing only and that was to torture Tim Harmon also known as Paul Morris to kill himself. Slaves from the porn industry screamed their heads off as did every DJ at WKTU in New York City and many more from several industries. The slaves were reaching out to see if they were not the only ones enslaved as all slaves were given those network computers. At the same time Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton who enslaved them were yelling at Tim Harmon to kill himself. Barack Obama also made an appearance which caused much confusion until this past year when we learned he had the same device in his head I have in mine. He was also a slave of the New World Order and was forced to participate in that kill Tim Harmon nonsense.

Shoot Me Then.

For eight years while Barack Obama was president the church which was a cult was growing and millions were being murdered nationwide. Barack Obama refused to enact Marshall Law for those bastards. They could have killed him but then they would also have had to kill Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who was not on board then but she is now. Before the presidential election of 2016 Donald Trump and everyone listening on that network heard it was the United States New World Order leaders intention to pay him off or assassinate him. Hillary bragged she got to Rick Pence so shooting Donald would be the key to enacting Marshall Law so the New World Order could make their move worldwide. Eighteen months later Donald Trump is alive and well he is as well protected by the CIA as I am. We are both in protective custody in plain sight.

Black Mail.

A member of the Harmon family bragged on that network a few years ago Germaine hired a very experienced IT person who hacked the phones and emails of all the leaders of the New World Order in the United States. Germaine black mailed them for money or she would release the taped conversations of all United States New World Order leaders. They did not know it was her blackmailing them. They wanted her and her son dead for what they were doing on that network then but they could not find her. They really want her dead now. A few years ago Tim bragged on that network about the over two hundred houses his family purchased nationwide over the past few years so he could puddle jump in the middle of the night to a different hiding place as many people have wanted him dead for a very long time. All houses were purchased under aliases. Some of these houses were used for his and his family’s cannibal feasts most however were never touched until now.

I learned last night Germaine extended invitations to a few thousand people to stay in those houses until the New World Order began. Those invited included my own family which includes her hit men Sean Kemery and Paul Hobot but also the really dirty horse people such as Diane Schiereck, Bella Midolo and Alex Jayne all who are serial killers as they were members of that church. Some of my friends were invited from Hollywood but also New York City who were slaves who were lied to in their invite. They were told these houses were safe houses set up by friends of Abe just in case. Germaine and Tim’s intention was to kill any friend of mine who ever said anything bad about Tim and anyone who I ever had sexual relations or friendships with. The list is quite long but the big surprise of who accepted those invitations not all of who have arrived yet is amazing.

Seven Blunders.

The Bush families and the Cheney’s and several other New World Order leaders including Bill the mayor were extended an invitation by Germaine to stay in those houses if necessary. Not all have arrived just yet but those not flying around still who heard what Tim Harmon and his mother said this morning were insulted but also humiliated as they knew Henri de Rothschild was also listening. Tim explained he had the United States leaders of the New World Order right where he wanted them and that he and his mother were going to kill them all and take over the New World Order. He also stated the European New World Order would have to accept them as the new United States leaders. I explained to Germaine and Tim this entire thing with the New World Order has nothing to do with them those mentally ill delusional  brain diseased cannibals that they are.

I blew up at Germaine explaining they do not have those people in those houses it was us that forced them into those houses as they are seriously running out of options. She did not reel them in we forced them in and it will be the CIA who deals with them not her with her Treasure Island Media trash hit men or Paul Hobot and my brother. Germaine Harmon is out of her fucking mind as is her son and the rest of her children. She really believes she is going to run the world, she really believes she will kill Donald, she really believes the Bildeberg Group and the de Rothschild family will accept her despite the fact that she had no idea the New World Order was their idea not the United States. No doubt, she never heard of the Bildeberg Group or the de Rothschild family until I wrote about them whereupon she likely told her son I am crazy and I do not know what I am talking about.

Quite an ending for the New World Order worldwide but those leaders over there in Europe should know if they do not by now we used Germaine for fourteen months to gather round not only her family but as it unfolded now the United States New World Order leaders. Those leaders would if they could by now murder Germaine for what she is trying to do. They know they can’t assassinate Donald. They know they can’t kill me although if I was killed my murder would be seen as an assassination worldwide. In the meantime teenagers with guns are being sent into Palm Springs by Germaine to kill Scott but not Abe because Germaine believes the Abe phenomenon is not real. Some people just won’t listen. These days when one comes to harm Scott T. Kemery also known as Abe they are never seen or heard from again as the CIA will not allow it.


Scott T. Kemery


Loaves & Fishes

Palm Springs California 9:27 AM

April 17  2018

Loaves & Fishes.

In the middle of the night two nights ago all members of that cult including the church members who fancied themselves as the New World Order but also those who were actual New World Order members such as politicians and very wealthy Americans who were to move on to the new world were all sent a message by the agencies. Natalie Harmon was killed by the agencies. As everyone knows that one who was working for the Harmon family would never shut up. Hours before she vanished her ex husband delivered more Crystal Meth to keep her going. In one world a fish wrapped in a newspaper left on someones doorstep is a message from someone they were about to sleep with the fishes meaning they would be killed. Natalie was that fish wrapped in newspaper for church members but also United States New World Order leaders as a few other Harmon’s are still alive and all believed the agencies would kill Natalie and Katarina last.

Katarina was left alone in that cannibal house which I thought was rather disgusting of Paul Harmon and what remains of his family who were just twenty miles away. They treated her very badly her entire life which they had no reason to. She was beaten and forced to talk on that network for over one year. After I shamed Paul for leaving her like that with nothing but a loaf of bread and a bag of meth the mother of Jennifer’s best friend spoke up and explained she was going to pick the girl up. Permission from the agencies was granted for Mrs. Bushkin to ask for the address of that house in Columbine from the firemen there who found her. Two hours later Katarina was eating a hamburger and watching television and she finally slept in a bed. I learned last night my cousin Brad who I never wrote a bad word or had a bad thought about who is the one that mother refused to release the eighty million dollars his father left him is alive and well. Brad is a fireman therefore a slave therefore two who were the worst treated by that family after my uncle died will be the only two of that family who make it out alive. The agencies are methodical and know exactly what they are doing not all Harmon’s are dead yet but they are vanishing one by one with just a few left now. Yesterday was a great day for everyone.


Yesterday morning two who outed themselves as murdering members of that church from that family show outed the third of only three church members from that show. The young one who is the lover of father on television explained he and the one who can’t tie his shoes cased all members of that show’s homes and only the other male child on the show had a church statue in his home. All church members were given statues to place in their home so if their homes were cased for theft and murder by church members those casing knew not to kill their own to fill their monthly quota. The espresso drinking son of the Colombian on that show screamed his head off at the other two while the two modern lovers bragged about killing people and all the gifts they were given by the church including Crystal Meth, phones and those magic pills that make one difficult to see so they could case homes without anyone seeing them.

Out Regis.

Two nights ago a woman who did not out a man named Regis but is the host of a live morning television show because he could not take it anymore ran her mouth way more than she should have about her involvement with that cult and church. They believed they were safe as friends of Abe but also the New World Order. It turns out she is a two faced murdering lunatic and so is her husband who she met when she was Haley and he was another but not Adam Chandler on that soap opera. They both outed themselves as homosexuals two nights ago but since then she has confessed so much I doubt by now she can walk down the street in that city without being spit on. She was enslaved but she owned slaves, she attended my brother’s theater performances often and watched him along with her family murder hundreds of gay men for fun. She and her husband and children met their monthly murder quota for the church but we learned this morning those two killed someone they were absolutely to not go near.

One of the most talented actors who had just risen to fame who was not related to Prince Philip or Jane Seymour or Dustin Hoffman but shared three of their same names was murdered by that live host and her husband because he gave her attitude on the set. Perhaps he knew more about her than we did and let her know it as he was a slave. That world of movie and television stars is quite small and they do not gossip anymore however they do spread the word. Of course his death was written about as a suicide in the news as those dirty cops that were all over New York City were alerted there needed to be a cover up.

Go Home.

Last night Hillary did finally speak on that network along with Bill finally without interruption from those church member lunatics. While the whistles did not stop on the left headphones of those computers I knew it was her speaking therefore everyone should have known it was them. She explained everyone should go home and shut their mouths forever on that network. She explained she and Bill were walking away. Of course she and I did not argue we saw eye to eye as because as always she knows I know and I know she knows. However, I will never trust any of the leaders of United States New World Order as I blew the whistle in the United States while Julian Assange blew the whistle worldwide. It was never her or of their intent to kill me as much as they may have wanted to they knew they could not as there would have been blood in the streets.

The intent to murder me was and still is of my family and friends who were promised one million dollars upon my death. Just this morning my brother told everyone and the church leaders heard him say he was leaving the church to kill Scott then he would come back to the church. According to church rules such a violation would mean he would be killed immediately especially since he was told to never go near Scott or Abe or Bob Turzilli. If the church can’t find him and kill him it means one thing and one thing only to those who listen carefully and have been paying attention.

Hillary explained last night there were close to one hundred and fifty thousand members of that church. She explained not all met their quota however most did. That would put the total number of murders by that cult in the United States at around seventy million people. The church cannot kill my brother as they should because the church is on fire. The agencies who have had a satellite on Sean for one week now have watched his every move and heard every word he has spoken to anyone anywhere. Therefore they have satellites on everyone everywhere he has spoken to and so on. Sean’s group of friends who intend to kill will be a domino effect. If he believes that is false he would. If he believes he will be the one to get past the fortress Palm Springs is courtesy of the CIA he is exactly what I always said he was.

A Fucking Lunatic


Scott T. Kemery


Palm Springs California 10:01 AM

April 16  2018


The filth of that cult who fancy themselves New World Order members who each murdered at least five hundred innocent people nationwide are still running but also speaking on that network. My sister and brother in law refuse to go home as do many others on Long Island as they believe if they go home as they were instructed in a recent email from the church they will be killed. My disgusting family and their friends attended many performances by Sean Kemery in New York City where he strangled gay men many of whom were my and Bob’s friends. Many others who did the same who I know from the horse business are hanging out in Starbucks and libraries to avoid what they know is coming including Kelly Klein who apparently was thrown out of a McDonalds in New York City last night.

The agencies finally managed to pull my niece and nephew from that hell they were dragged into by their parents. Apparently last night a few children of the scum still out there vanished but not to protective custody they were sent straight to hell. That filthy Andrew is still sitting at his desk but without his wife who was there yesterday and one of his daughters is also missing. My brother in law is demanding his children back before he will return home. He along with a few others threatened to kill me this morning of course I laughed out loud. First of all they can’t get near me. Second of all Hillary’s rules were neither I nor Bob were to be touched but also Abe who nobody knew was Scott T. Kemery.

Sound The Call.

Seventeen million are now spreading the word to employees at every Starbucks, library, train station, bus stations, airports and wherever an electrical outlet can be found for public use including homeless shelters nationwide. If anyone is spotted with those computers the police will be called. The agencies have had quite enough of this bullshit. Hopefully they will allow those police to lock those most wanted murderers in cells until the agencies are ready to deal with them. Natalie Harmon was taken away this morning but Katarina was not. Everyone knows those Harmon’s would never allow Natalie out of that house as she was their prisoner who’s intentions were to drive me crazy. Also, she never would have left her daughter behind. Natalie’s arrest should scare the hell out of every single dirty motherfucking prick still speaking on that network who are all waiting for Hillary to rescue them but who are at the same time breaking her church rules.

Keep Going.

Over the past several days groups of people have been congregating outside my hotel room in the parking lot just outside my window. They are not cult members throwing that poison they are some of the slaves who walked out when I suggested they do so. They want me to see them and are quite excited when I do as they not only want to be seen by me so hopefully their friends and families who were also enslaved come to Palm Springs but also as they are so smart they know the safest place in the world right now for runaway slaves or innocents is Palm Springs especially this hotel. Thousands of slaves used by that cult but also sold by that cult have walked out. All they need to do is find any local police station nationwide and show them their firebrand and they will be very well taken care of.


Scott T. Kemery


Palm Springs California 8:06 AM

April 15  2018


After World War I Germany was in complete disarray. According to one of my history teachers in junior high school inflation was so high it cost wheel barrel loads of cash to purchase a loaf of bread. Adolf Hitler was psychotic but he borderlined being genius as well. He did not enslave anyone and he brainwashed his Gestapo and Nazi soldiers with his preaching speeches and their hand clapping but also with Crystal Meth. He also blamed the Jews for every problem Germany faced since World War I which many Germans believed but of course he was lying. Six million Jews were murdered but also another six million people who were randomly selected by the Nazi soldiers. It took four years to stop the Nazi regime. Nazi Meth is a type of Crystal Meth that can be made on the side of the ride very easily and quickly this is what kept those soldiers marching and murdering as they invaded other countries.

No Repeat.

The New World Order leaders here in the United States did not pay close enough attention in history class. What they did here was enslave most of the United States Military and police and kept a few of their members at the top such as generals and chiefs as New World Order members who policed those enslaved. The church created by the New World Order here for average citizens is where they brainwashed an army of murderers with Crystal Meth but also their sermons and speeches and all that hand clapping in church. Those who broke church rules were often murdered in front of church members during service by electrocution, five minute deep freezing boxes and with knives. The clapping in church continued as did the murders of millions of Americans by those cult members who fancied themselves the New World Order.

Not One Thing.

The leaders of the United States New World Order did not do anything right. They should have rounded up those to be murdered after someone enacted Marshall Law and not until then. How embarrassing to the United States leaders to have fucked things up so royally by doing everything ass backwards. Between that network, the arrogance of those morons running around killing people, that fucking app which grossed billions worldwide and not setting up their armies properly they did themselves in therefore the New World Order worldwide which is crumbling faster every minute now. They also never dreamed the CIA would become involved or believed they would be able to get to or stop them.

Friends Of Leo.

Leo Conroy was one of my best friends in the horse business. He and quite a few others were furious and very vocal about what was being done to me with that app. They collected money from horse people to send to me, they went to the police for help and they finally got to the FBI which led to five Federal Investigations. Each Federal Investigation failed as the FBI was slowly being enslaved by the United States New World Order leaders. Leo was murdered by the New World Order church members. Not many of the original Friends of Leo were persuaded to join the church when Wellington and Thermal California were swarmed by them. Wellington and Thermal were cities full of horse people for a good part of each year. Wellington even has their very own church. There are some things I am certain of despite the fact that I am never given any information verbally by the agencies. I do know those Friends of Leo were the smartest and most decent people in that business.

There is so much chaos on that network nobody can get a word in edgewise but from what I heard early this morning from Kathy Moore who is in Wellington is there are many trucks in that town and those trucks are taking people away. Someone else in Wellington insinuated those loading those trucks appeared to be military. That someone else also said he sees what he sees and it is not good. I pray those who were trying to spread the word on that network were right. Idiots such as Katie Milton will not shut up neither will people like that loser distant cousin Andrew and now his disgusting wife and two daughters with their stupid voices and games now that his family reunited at home after they received the email from the church to do so. All speaking on that network who are church members are breaking the rules of the church and none seem to care in the least. It has been too long since their last church sermon, their hand clapping and the lesson they were taught when a member who broke church rules was murdered right in front of their eyes. To me it is an excellent thing they have not been called in to gather round at church since late in 2016.

If this is the roundup of the bottom of the barrel scum who each murdered five hundred to fill their quota to pay their rent, for free drugs and a monthly allowance this is what millions have been waiting for worldwide. Perhaps they are shipping the animals to those death camps built during George W. Bush’s administration for mass exterminations of Americans which were supposed to begin if Hillary won the 2008 election. A few in New York City are reaching out to friends on that network and it is not working for them because of those psychotic animals who won’t shut up but I believe something is likely happening in that city now as well therefore nationwide.

Now We Wait.


Scott T. Kemery