Scott T. Kemery

December 4  2017

This is to serve as a revised last will and testament for Scott T. Kemery of 1400 Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs California 92262 and PO Box 3135 Sag Harbor New York 11963. This document supersedes all previous Last Will and Testament and similar documents for Scott T. Kemery.

I, Scott Terrance Kemery, direct in the event of my death any and all monies, real estate, motor vehicles and similar properties plus any stocks and bonds owned by myself, any subsequent corporations owned by myself , any real properties owned by myself, any future or pending profits from royalties, investments and similar and any pending or future lawsuits initiated by myself or my estate to be left to my sole heir and beneficiary Robert Turzilli Jr. of 61 Clarken Drive West Orange New Jersey. Mr Turzilli will direct any and all monies as he sees fit however I encourage him to take five percent of the monies and divide the five percent equally between the city of Barstow California, the city of Palm Springs California, the city of Los Angeles California, the city of San Francisco California and New York City, all monies are to be used solely for Public Libraries, Homeless Shelter Expansion and Improvement, Creation of Parks and Recreation Facilities and Day Care Facilities.

I, Scott Terrance Kemery, intentionally leave out of this document and intentionally leave nothing to the following persons: Any persons OTHER than Mr. Robert Turzilli Jr. and his heirs, my brother Sean Patrick Kemery, my sisters Tracy Kemery Saracino and Tara Mary Kemery, my mother Patricia Kemery, my father Terrance Richard Kemery, my cousin Timothy Britt Harmon, Margie Vasquez, Bob Vasquez, Hannah Vasquez, Britt Russo, Paul Hobot. Further, I intentionally leave out my aunt Germaine Harmon and any relative, living or dead or Mrs. Harmon, this includes her children Charles Bradford Harmon, Paul Faulhaber Harmon, Jennifer Yvonne Harmon Gaffney plus any and all children, cousins or relatives of that family. I also leave out this document, Michael Saracino, Olivia Rose Saracino and Michael Charles Saracino, Tracy Kemery Saracino’s husband and children. Therefore, any living relative of Charles and Germaine Harmon, any living relative of Patricia and Terrance Kemery, any living relative of the Eloise and Steve Rocco, any living relative of Mike and Tracy Saracino. Mr Turzilli will see to the needs of my niece and nephew Olivia and Michael Saracino as he sees fit.

No relatives, friends or relations of mine shall have any reason or right to make any claims whatsoever against the estate of Scott Terrance Kemery.

I Scott T. Kemery am of sound mind and body I create this document with full knowledge of what I am doing.

Scott T. Kemery



Barstow California 6:50 PM

November 9  2017


The CIA is in full force here in Barstow as literally hundreds of cult members with guns are here to shoot me now. As per the advice of the FBI I am to stay in my hotel room. I am sick as a dog with a stomach flu and a chest cold and I was poisoned again big time this week by those animals. The salt I ordered from Walmart online was tainted, I have no food and do not trust the girl who has been helping me out as she will be offered thousands of dollars to throw those poisons at me again. I am being left hanging by both agencies, apparently the head of the CIA but also the director of the FBI not the special agents.

This could take months to finish and in that time I could easily be poisoned or shot if I walk out the door. It is time for me to be taken into protective custody while the agencies wrap this up. If I die seventeen million victims of that cult will go into an uproar and no doubt Donald will lose the next election. I have worked my ass off for five years to stop those people I don’t believe at this point I should be used as bait for whoever is left out there. Someone tried to break into my hotel room twice last night, of course both were stopped.

I want out, I feel I deserve to be treated much better by both agencies now as they understand the enormous puzzle I unraveled. It is way to dangerous for me to be here if I cannot even open my hotel door. I have no way to get food, I can’t even go to the hospital if I want as I will be poisoned again. Perhaps the seventeen million victims of the cult will scream their heads off for me now, I understand the agents hands are tied so go straight to the top. It would be a shame if I died at the finish line because the heads of the agencies don’t see this situation for what it is. I know Donald personally but it is impossible to have a conversation on that network as the cult members are still listening.

I did not believe I would be ignored by the heads especially at this point as per my request to be taken into protective custody but I was. It was Chris Wray the director of the FBI who decided today to leave me here sick and poisoned but Donald Trump is his boss. We swung the election for Donald remind him of that on that network or by calling his office.


Scott T. Kemery

Dark Horses

Barstow California 12:33 PM

November 8  2017

Dark Horses.

I am sitting in my hotel room here in Barstow sick as a dog, I have a stomach flu and a chest cold plus when I visited the hospital yesterday one of those animals hit me with that poison. I learned yesterday three million five hundred thousand of those animals from that cult are now gone forever and the round up of the last few hundred thousand should not take long, these are the runners the likes of which include Britt Russo and her filthy family. Of course there will likely be trash trickling into Barstow to throw poison at me so I will go back to spraying myself down with salt before I go outside until my ride arrives.

Chosen Ones.

As I sit here and think about the massive numbers and how this was pulled off I get goose bumps. The eight special agents who were abducted by the cult and used as slave labor pulled this off, I was the front man the one they called Jesus in the east and Abe in the west. They gave me the name Abe because as a little boy said to his mother one morning in iHop here in Barstow… “Hey mommy that’s the guy the man who is here to free the slaves.” From hearing that called out both here in Barstow and also in Palm Springs to having my picture taken in several places I always remained humble.


The people of this city are incredible. Half the population was enslaved by the cult and most of the children were abducted by the cult. They are all business and right on the money, I know all are holding their breath waiting for this to end as are seventeen million other victims from Hollywood to music to airline employees to postal employees. Donald Trump paid me an enormous compliment today when he said I was outstanding for figuring out Hillary had the same device in her head as me and was communicating with someone plotting to kill Donald. The CIA and the FBI have got this and will not drop the ball no matter what.


Scott T. Kemery




Barstow California 6:01 PM

September 22  2017


I have not written on my blog in almost eight months as there has not been much to write about as I sat in Barstow waiting for the rest of the animals from that cult including the few Harmon’s that were left to finally be arrested. Over the past week I was assaulted with those things those animals love to torture people with but not nearly as bad in the past.


I used salt when I was first hit with one of those things two weeks ago by using it for an enema. After an allergic reaction and a few trips to the hospital when what did get in began to fester I realized only the salt I purchased at Walmart was real salt, the salt in every other store I purchased it in suds up like soap when I mix it with water for my feet. As the ‘chain’ of those things festering in my body was happening two days ago I had no salt but I did have a glue on my feet and body which is what is in that salt. Instead of panicking I decided to open up my acupuncture points with a knife then I sat in the bathroom for twenty four hours with my fingers intertwined to open the meridians in my body so those disgusting organisms would exit which they did. I laughed after twenty hours as I looked at the two bloody holes on my feet and said out loud… “Who knew this would end and I’d have stigmata.”

Seventeen Million Did.

While the leaders of that cult have been in jail for many months now along with over one million three hundred thousand plus another one million two hundred thousand dead everyone knew quite a few animals were still out there running around in their disguises with those poisons. I could not figure out who was running the show as I was certain Hillary and Dennis are still in jail, if they weren’t Natalie and Katarina Harmon would finally shut their disgusting mouths on that network. They are still running their mouths but so much has happened over the past forty eight hours as those animals still out there believed everyone was getting out of jail because the assaults of not only myself but also half of Barstow and Palm Springs began again. Many people thought Hillary was out when the assaults began.

Device Manager.

I suggested to the CIA and the FBI the other day that Hillary probably has that same spy technology in her head that she installed in my head for that app. I turns out I was correct, she and all the leaders were communicating from inside their solitary confinement cells this entire time. I also suggested they kill her immediately as she is too dangerous and God knows what else she would do. The CIA has a license to kill and answers to nobody and nobody but the animals would care. The FBI and CIA knew leaving me out here during the assaults was fine as I know how to handle the aftermath and of course they knew I would tell them to do whatever it takes to find and now kill every single person who has that shit in their pockets.


The healing time from this assault will be very quick as nothing really festered fully, I did sit for three hours last night holding one of those wounds down as those evil stinger bugs were trying to break free, it was not that difficult as I damaged and broke the chain of those things as they entered my body. They couldn’t do their thing and they were angry as hell.

Teach Me.

I have written many times about the class I took at the Westchester County Department of Corrections after that illegal arrest in 2014. The class was called ‘Smart!’ and the teacher was a genius, he empowered men to become their better self by understanding history. At the time I had no idea I was not the only slave of that cult, I wasn’t aware there were millions of victims of those people until last year. One morning during one of his lectures my teacher looked right at me and said…

You might kill Jesus… but the movement has already begun.


Scott T. Kemery




Barstow California 5:06 PM

April 10  2017


I have not written in weeks now as my old laptop was not repairable and the new one I purchased on Amazon took longer than expected to arrive. While I do not have much to write as far as updates on the largest Federal Investigation in the history of the United States I do have numbers to share. Over three hundred thousand members of the cult owned and led by Hillary Clinton, John Boehner, Dick Cheney and several other powerful politicians are now in jails nationwide and at least one hundred sixty thousand members of that cult who descended upon Barstow en masse are now gone forever.

Who Knew.

There were so many of those cult members who needed to be taken care of but at the same time who knew it would be the Federal Bureau of Investigations along with the Central Intelligence Agency who would finally take those leaders and members of that cult down and out. I have witnessed much more than I have written about at this point and I am amazed but not surprised by the capability, intensity, thoroughness, integrity and brilliance of both agencies conducting this investigation.

Six Weeks.

Since this investigation began all of the leaders of the cult have been arrested who stopped speaking altogether on that network when this investigation began the only way to shut up any member of the Harmon family has been to arrest or kill them. The only two lunatic Harmon’s still on the loose are Natalie and Katarina Harmon who have not shut up for more than one second on that network for six weeks. Today Natalie explained she and her daughter believe Hillary will get out of jail and rescue her despite the fact that Germaine Harmon hacked all the owners of the cult’s phones and blackmailed them for months before all hell broke loose for everyone. Natalie Harmon is the stupidest most insane person that ever lived, her mentally ill cross eyed mentally challenged hermaphrodite daughter is just as stupid as her. While they have not been apprehended yet of course they will be in minutes, they will finally shut their weird mouths on that network forever very soon.

Listening to those two lunatics for weeks now and the incredibly weird distractions they caused for me but also the FBI and CIA is beyond anything anyone ever imagined or saw coming at this point, they will go away very soon now. I constantly look around and am reminded by what I see of what has happened and what is happening and I am amazed. As I listen to the shrieking of Natalie and Katarina and constantly want to vomit I watch the people of Barstow who represent the people of this nation who constantly make me along with everyone watching so proud and so confident because of what was done to seventeen million of us by that cult and because of how seventeen million of us handled it a new world is coming one that can be described as…



Scott T. Kemery

Million Reasons

Barstow California 2:55 PM

March 29  2017

Million Reasons.

I learned yesterday over one hundred forty thousand members of the cult owned and led by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Boehner and several other politicians plus Joan Lunden and Dennis Suskind are now in jails nationwide. While I along with so many others are thrilled but not surprised by the number of arrests so far we do expect the number of arrests in the end could be twice that or much higher. Barstow is much quieter today than it has been in days however weekends seem to be when the greatest influx of animals from the cult on the run from the law happens here lately, those animals who come to Barstow to harm me or kill me are being dealt with swiftly and appropriately

I have not written daily lately as I have been doing for years this week because my laptop is working only intermittently still I am waiting on a part to be delivered from China to my computer guy here in Barstow. The updates I write on Facebook are sufficient and I am sure plenty of information for the seventeen million victims of the cult and also their friends and families who are waiting for this nightmare to finally end.


As I watch the traffic in front of my hotel and everywhere around this city I still see less than half full or empty school buses constantly and as I also see empty playgrounds with mostly nonwhite children playing often enough I finally see enormous smiles on the faces of the people of Barstow everywhere I go. No doubt, with seventeen million victims of the cult nationwide the smiles I see here more often than not now are spreading everywhere. My Special Agent and I along with so many others are finally pulling this off. Every day I think about the sixteen Federal Agents who were assigned to protect me during the fifth investigation into the cult and that app they used me as slave labor for caledl MAPS’ they sold on iTunes and grossed five hundred sixty five billion dollars from who were murdered on the side of the road in Georgia this past August as we traveled from Saugatuck Michigan to Fort Lauderdale Florida. Little did anyone know then how enormous and powerful that cult was and little did we know how in the end we would have both the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the frighteningly powerful Central Intelligence Agency finally stopping the most disgusting people and the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the United States or the world.

Almost Done.


Scott T. Kemery


Barstow California 1:23 PM

March 26  2017


I was just outside smoking a cigarette a few minutes ago when a very obnoxious disgusting blond haired boy who’s mother was driving an older model black Chevy Trailblazer or similar screamed ‘fuck you’ at me out the car window as they drove past me. This is the second time that snot nosed rotten little bastard has done that. No doubt, his mother is a filthy piece of trash as she allows her son who is no older than twelve years to say such things to people. While I was infuriated and who would not be I laughed a minute after they drove away as to be hated by trash who supported that now defunct cult who infiltrated this city and enslaved at least half the population is fine with me as I am the one person those idiots know is responsible for taking those animals down and out. That boy’s mother should keep in mind the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Central Intelligence Agency are conducting the largest Federal Investigation in the history of the United States and they see and hear everything I do besides Barstow Police who are privileged to the same.

Thousands of cult members descended upon Barstow over the past few days, all are being dealt with appropriately. The streets here are much quieter than they were Friday afternoon when too many enormous pick up trucks with out of state license tags and no mufflers drove up and down Main Street for hours. I know these pigs were leftover ‘DEA Group’ members but also managers of the cult’s slave labor and the families and friends of the managers who have been arrested. Over one hundred thousand cult members, cult leaders and employees of the cult are now in jails nationwide. As the fucking lunatics still on the loose who keep moving toward the problem which they view as me they are all met with the same. Either they are arrested or like many have been now are killed by the agencies running this investigation, for those managers on the run from the law to think they are going to get near me to act out some kind of revenge proves how stupid and disgusting all of those cult members are or were and they all deserve what they get.

I Am.

Scott T. Kemery the man the victims of the cult nicknamed ‘Abe’ after Abraham Lincoln the President of the United States who freed the slaves in 1865. Six months ago, I along with Federal Agents who had been abducted by the cult led a revolution that led to a war between seventeen millions victims of the cult and the cult leaders and members which led to Hillary Clinton losing the election and our friend Donald Trump who was not corrupted or tainted by the Clinton, Bush or Cheney families now in charge of this investigation as he oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigations and he has the full attention of the Central Intelligence Agency who answers to nobody. Of course, Donald like seventeen million of us has faith in the agencies knowing exactly how to handle the enormous nightmare which does seem to be finally be dwindling away as that is what they do. The FBI has Special Agents who deal with cults alone, no doubt they have never seen anything like this before.

Quite a few of those who descended upon this city over the past few days yelled profanities and told me to leave Barstow. Who does such things but filthy disgusting and stupid weird idiots who are desperate and scared but also think they are going to be heroes in some way by either scaring me or killing me. White trash does not sum up these lunatics who do not belong in this city or anywhere in this country besides in jail or six feet under. Barstow has handled the influx of arrogance and stupidity like everyone would expect they would. Like seventeen million others they are clever, wise, patient and likely like me they are all…

Laughing Their Asses Off.


Scott T. Kemery