Due North

Twentynine Palms California 7:12 PM

January 18 2019

Due North.

I just left the Best Western in Twentynine Palms after I heard the owner of the hotel say she felt like ‘queen for a day’ hosting a ‘coo koo call off’ event for the area. Twenty percent of Twentynine Palms is moving on to a next planet. Good for them. I’m headed in the direction of Barstow now where I hope most who survived the sprays of bullets by citizens of the city are gone. I am not ‘making an appearance’ in Barstow tonight I’m simply looking for a place to sleep peacefully and safely. There is no going back south now until Lucky hands me the keys to my house in Palm Springs when he is ready.

Letting It Ride.

Is what our government is doing now. That is their decision to make. So be it. Dick did bomb as many Harmon hideaways recently enough as per my advice but the infection of the poison by Germaine was so widespread the damage to the New World Order by her ‘Number One New World Order’ became exponentially worse. Hillary was supposed to reduce the population of the United States by one half for the New World Order and didn’t realize for every three people church members killed monthly nine were born. There was never an accurate census count worldwide. The damage to the overpopulated planet was worsened every time a Harmon passed gas. A few months ago when I told Dick the polar caps were melted to water he said ‘this is over’ and fuck this listening to the Harmon bullshit this will never work. That was around when the three foot cross eyed inbred daughter of Charlie Harmon came up with the idea of a ‘back to life medicine call off’. That is when Donald should have nuked those animals not bombed Syria.

I keep thinking of Lynn and Dick two I once hated as symbols of success over the past two decades. There is more to that family than most understand. I can make special requests and I just might any second for them. Dick and his daughter showed me great respect always. We stopped Hillary’s Marshall Law Day in fifteen minutes while the buses in Barstow were loading and tickets were sold out for everyone except me. Dick never once lied to me about one thing. I was will suggest the Cheney’s are placed on the La Familia family planet. Nancy Pelosi is another who spoke only one time on that network and told me the truth. She explained Hillary threatened to kill anyone in Washington who tried to shut down that network or help me. No doubt there are more like them I know nothing about. Good the more the better. The CIA does not make mistakes and does not cheat. This plan is designed in a most humane way for the best and the brightest and the most innocent. How innocent any of us are is not a fixed description but how remorseful we are for how we hurt others and damaged the planet in the past which dictates our current behavior is the measure of the CIA. No Cheney or Kemery or Turzilli or immediate family of any of La Familia asked me for help in the end. How honorable. This can’t end fast enough for us.

Hopefully this is my last trip back to Barstow. I will wait and see tonight and tomorrow. If necessary my next stop will be the smallest town I can find in California or Nevada. What a roller coaster ride for all. Despite the fact that Bob finished last night and thousands of others did as well but I didn’t as my brain said hold out as they were having so much fun I threw away the symbolic energizing items I had left today. Whoever told federal and state agencies to leave me alone now did not tell them to canvas Twentynine Palms where thousands of imposters descended making Donald look weak but not the one’s who stayed. The National Guard should have been there because Scott had an erection. No doubt many of them did from far away as last night was a turning point similar to the ‘Clown Method’ night. I could not walk for a while as the energy of eight Marines inside that hotel flowed through the walls as did their moans. Alpha rose again and that is why I went shopping last night. Never stop pushing the envelope until the fat lady sings or dies. Never stop empowering as many as possible no matter how you must do it especially now.


Scott T. Kemery



Twenty Nine Palms California 2:28 PM

January 17  2019


I am still in Twenty Nine Palms which is where I hope the end of the New World Order will finally be completed for us. This city is similar to Barstow in a way I appreciate more than I can explain. When people grow up destitute they must constantly evolve to survive. Every single person born on this planet had the same inalienable rights as everyone else the thing is nobody knew it and now at the last minute those who grew up poor and those who grew up wealthy are realizing the same thing. Everything we ever did on our own or collectively to improve ourselves and the situations of others has brought us to a point that is about to happen that most did not think of until I wrote about it. Kingdom Come.

We are in the final moment of the ‘end of time’ for the Old World and our ‘Next Worlds’ are about to begin. My grandfather Matthew who wrote ‘The Lords Prayer’ left the ‘s’ off ‘World’ so I would add it now. Many more are moving on to the Next World  on several planets than I’d hoped. The extermination of the New World Order which was the most disgusting irresponsible plan for the future is almost complete. Their plan was after 1978 when Scott, Bob, Rafael and Francesco were to be killed by them they would do nothing but sit around all day not working eating people and torturing someone with the same device in his head  as I do mine. Who the hell ever said Henri de Rothschild knew what he was doing in the first place. He could not keep track of La Famila over thousands of years so he assumed they were all dead. Hitler believed he got all of La Familia when he assumed they were all Jews. I am member number 75,000 of La Familia. I am their ‘Chosen One’. La Familia meticulously bred their sons who all happened to meet each other and marry. In the meantime all   Le Chevreaux did for years was breed triplets and mix their blood with that of breeds that were part animal. The first war between the tribes we won. This is not a war now this is  just how things are evolving as they should. All of Le Chevreaux will die in the end as will all evil and ignorant people. In order for this planet to survive many things needed to happen all at once over fourteen months now. Things are finally winding down in a way I can’t see I can only feel. One person who knows let me know in a way only she can do last night and today I need only sit tight and wait now. I trust her so you should.

Way too many Polaroid copies of people were put in place just in case over the past few years. Too many were in positions where they held credentials and badges for government positions such as with the DEA and FBI but there were also a few other high ranking officials who did the same. Those copies have no business doing what they are doing. At least one million people descended Palm Springs last week who claimed to be DEA and FBI and Special Narcotics when I went shopping at that thrift store there. I did throw the items away after saying fuck you to everyine who tried to stop me from doing what I wanted without hurting anyone which is what I’ve always done. I have done this many times before but this time was different. A little down time with no requests for forty eight hours and all of a sudden I asked the CIA to provide as many planets as necessary so there is room for everyone to live in our universe which will be a community managed not governed by La Familia. We will provide everyone with everything they need so they live for billions of years in Utopian Societies galaxy wide. Who wouldn’t trust us now. We are not evil we do not cheat. We provide and ask for nothing in return except for respect especially of me as I am the only visible member of the family. The way I have been treated by these fucking animals for years now is finally about over. I am about to retire but before I do several things need to happen which are going to happen at a rate I do not know.

I will not ever beg or demand. I was willing to die for the greater good. Every single right I had as an American citizen was taken away from me and there was nothing I could do about it except never stop evolving until this thing is out of my head. Soon enough. Donald is just fine and always will be. Millions are hoping one one of the last things he does before he moves onto his Next World is give Scott T. Kemery the same protections all Americans have and he once had under our Constitution and Bill of Rights despite the fact this thing is still in my head. Shutting the network down might be easier but then there would be no point to make and this is huge. Hillary Clinton and Henri de Rothschild are the most disgusting things that ever lived. Their biggest mistake was me. They are not capable of managing anything never mind a balanced universe. They need to be destroyed immediately. I am not sure what or when he is going to make his point to the world but I know he will. The men who wrote the Constitution were so scary brilliant only few understood them. The document was trampled and the world fell apart because of it. That’s the history that was already written as is our future.

All copies whether they be triplets or Polaroids need to be terminated from employment immediately. They are not qualified and the fleets of copies for every profession who replace the ones exterminated before are slowing us down. If there are positions to be filled then so be it.

A group of the most disgusting people imaginable have been at every hotel I have stayed at since I left Barstow last year. They all work virtually or have nothing to do. One of the Ivanka’s was a fan of Germaine and is still convincing the  stupidest she and Germaine will be the New World Order and they are just as powerful as Donald. Besides the Palm Springs trash that was screaming in my head for a year this group of idiots who’s bosses do pay for their hotel rooms never stop harassing me on the network. Last night a man named Bill who claimed to be DEA who explained he was high asked if he could come into my room and jerk off. I said he could however Bob and many CIA would be in the room watching and he would have to bring me some of the stuff he tried to arrest me for having. I also explained no touching and in and out. This was not about sex and it never happened. He was not man enough to legally as a DEA agent do what he wanted. Just a few minutes ago from inside this hotel he did the same but today many world leaders are listening. I told him I would take a video of me asking him if he was a cop before he did what he wanted to himself and gave me something I want. I did not do that when we met in Fort Lauderdale in 2012.

It is time for everyone moving on to the next worlds to say enough is enough. Me allowing that person into my room with Bob’s permission would be fine but it would not be about me or sex. Do not chase me around trying to illegally arrest me then expect to get away with it then ask me for a circle jerk. If I say yes it is an alpha move on my part on behalf of me and my boyfriend. This man is no man to most. I am so unimpressed as are most. The details of that are boring but not. Say it to my fucking face or keep your mouth shut. You people who do not respect anyone are dying at a fast rate now. You have absolutely no idea what is happening because you obsess about me 24/7. This is the most disgusting part of this whole thing. Millions tolerating their behavior while the process unfolds.


Scott T. Kemery






Joshua Tree California 3:17 PM

January 16. 2019


Two nights ago I asked a few more planets be added for billions of people worldwide. That was supposed to happen then and an enormous wave of relief was felt worldwide. Since then we removed the prison planet and are now feeding all evil to dinosaurs on the Jurassic planets. Donald Trump was supposed to make the request on behalf of all worldwide but he refused much to the anger of world leaders except Putin. His millions of disgusting daughters and employees from all over the world will nor stop asking me for help, His sons seem to have his best qualities as Ivanka does.

A few younger Ivanka’s of which there were thirty not three of the first generation insists I help everyone by making a new prison planet. I told Donald in order for that to happen he would have to legally give me something by exempting me from prosecution as I have no privacy thanks to what Hillary did to me the same he does with a reasonable expectation of privacy all day and night with a notarized signature at the bottom of his prison planet request for all of his family. One simple task with two simple exercises and a guaranteed planet for them on our terms and he just won’t do it. There is no prison planet except for La Familia women and a few others from that line. That is all. Fuck you cunts with your fucking attitude you penniless junkies. Donald is supposed to save lives of Americans not speed up their extermination by digging his heels in. How dare his family ask me for help when all we want is one gesture from the psychotic fuck. He lost all his money after he tried to kill Bob and Scott too many times. He and they have seen their own being eaten by dinosaurs and the polygamist will not do the right thing by his own. I will not allow a planet for all world leaders, all military and all government persons with not only the attitude these assholes have but also after what they’ve done to this planet with no apologies. All that self entitled thieving trash has this coming. One young man in his twenties explained today how relieved he was to know as was not guilty of anything he was on his way. He was also thrilled to know the dirty dirt poor trash cunts he worked with were not. Ivanka 17 is the same as the Pizza Hut trash as the weirdo destitute janitors as the school teachers who have all been begging me for help by screaming at me all day and night for months now. He is the President of the United States it is his job to do everything he can to protect all Americans. Instead of turning to me for help turn to him. He works for you. By him making this request which has two parts one very legal he would blow away the attitude of the world about him at this moment. He would also really piss Hillary off because she told him not to do it because Bill, George and George and Dick and Lynn “advised’ him to do it. He hates her and hates being told what to do. If he says it and she said not to she’s not invited in the end. I am trying to balance in my head what is going on in the minds of all world leaders but especially the minds of many Presidents and First Ladies I have gotten to know. I do respect most and they respect me. I have spent three hours rallying as many people in a very small circle some of whom know their fate some who do not to rise now and in the most respectful way possible do the right thing by themselves and what remains of this world. I am very impressed with Donald’s first born son and of course Melania and Ivanka one who is so tense at this moment my ass is lifting off the bed.

My role in this is that of the leader of the revolution by the have brains and need not much more against the hopefully no longer ignorant once wealthy from theft greedy trashy seedy druggy wastes of air and space who almost destroyed this planet especially with their overbreeding. Donald and Melania like the de Rothschild family are of the lineage where the first litter is of thirty about one inch in size.

That group is headed this way now as the Days Inn started collapsing thirty minutes ago. My Big Dick and his daughter and myself stopped the Marshall Law Day Hillary coaxed Barack into two years ago. Who knew. The group on their way likely to me now or across the street at the other hotel should do as a whole everything possible Donald needs if he needs anything at all. Timing is everything. Hope for success for them I am pushing but not him. Someone planted meth on me in her Lyft vehicle today then tried to drive me down a dirt road behind a green truck. I turned her around and let her have it. How dare she. The CIA killed her ten minutes after she dropped me at the Motel 6. It was nice to see many happy faces here. Everyone is reading and listening worldwide still. All eyes on Twenty Nine Palms now. I am praying things go the way they should for a few of my friends. That is not up to me or them it is up to him. We all respect that however this group including me are all control freaks especially him. To give up control and have faith when necessary is empowering. That is what we do now as hopefully it is his turn. I’ve been hard on him lately but I do understand how horrendous this is for everyone especially him. He and I always saw eye to eye when we spoke. He has a fatherly instinct someone described as powerful. We don’t see eye to eye anymore because we don’t speak but he listens as does his family and friends. I want only the best for everyone who deserves it so I pushed for a while. Strange bedfellows but not over the years. I’m honored to know all of their real selves now. I will write books about all of these fascinating people in the future hopefully they will all be around to give me details.


Scott T. Kemery

Don’t Do That

Palm Springs California 7:08 PM

January 15 2018

I have not written since a virus broke my laptop. Since then I have used a notebook to tell my story. Now the Federal Bureau of Investigations is trying every single lie they can think of to have me arrested According to one of the agents who said out loud on that network they planted thirty ounces of Crystal Meth in my hotel room. I left for Barstow this morning to get away for a few days and they did the same thing at the Super 8 Motel there. I promptly returned to the Days Inn this afternoon in so doing I left Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Bernardino FBI agents behind who are now here.

They are supposed to protect my rights to free speech and privacy. If jerking off with Gun Oil Lubricant is a crime arrest me. If that is done by a Federal Agent who is high on something to distract me then that is definitely a crime. They think they will get me to jerk off in public or get high or go so fucking crazy they will be able to drag me away. We have video of all of the above crimes by them and recordings of everything they have said both on and off that network. Whether or not these people are triplet copies of those who hold their positions is unbeknownst to me.

Something else was just planted in my hotel room according to what an agent just said they now have the ability to carry things while difficult to see. These people were supposed to leave everything alone especially me but they just can’t help themselves. Now I must leave my hotel room every few minutes as the FBI is planting stuff then writing up and forging phony warrants. These animals do have a time machine and do know nothing will in the end work to illegally stop me from my exercising my right to free speech and my reasonable expectation of privacy which is a blanket law. If they plant drugs in my room and I do them and jerk off according to United States law I have done nothing wrong.

Why doesn’t one of them arrest one of them for getting high and jerking off on the job. I welcome any one of them to knock on my door and ask me to join them. Videos of their actions are being sent out worldwide every few minutes on that network. I can be a show stopper and I did ask any one of them to come speak to me about all this to my face. Not one has the balls. Bob approved me to whip it out with one of them. Maybe they would calm down if some of them got what some of them have wanted for years.

They did forget phony warrants for searches by difficult to see. Perhaps a man to man conversation with one of them would settle things down. I made a request today for another planet that was very reasonable. Nobody heard me they were too busy slapping their balls and rubbing their cocks to hear me. I said that while I did the same. The offer for one to knock on my door with nothing on their person except clothing and maybe a Viagra still stands but they better make me wanna watch. Send your best forward and stop the cheating. Nothing is set in stone. Perhaps they should check the time machine again to see if that is what they should do. The CIA will not allow them in for a man to man conversation if their intentions are bad. Mine aren’t. I really do like to see smiles on people’s face. Think out of the box on this one. Most reading this know I’m right. Stranger things have happened….


Scott T. Kemery


Palm Springs California 6:35 PM

December 19. 2018


This post will be brief. My laptop is broken so I am writing this on my phone. The break of my laptop was a great thing as since then I’ve evolved with the Central Intelligence Agency as far as numbers and requests very quickly.

The fucking lunatics who live and work within a one hundred mile radius of this hotel are still flocking to this hotel by the thousands for a ‘coo koo call off’ and many believe they will form their own world order if they pressure me enough. They had it all with the church and were told to wait and do nothing when Abe the wrecking ball hit the church. Today I gifted over one hundred thousand machine guns to the Crossings Church to use on their own. Any second the church is going to finally do what I told Hillary to do in 2016.

Faster faster faster we are moving with this enormous task that can only be completed a certain way that is dictated by the history book already written which is the time machine all have known about for years. Have fun My Big Dick I wish I could but I cannot.

Last night I took away every single thing ever given to any person by the Crossings Church who conspired with a Harmon. So now their friends are conspiring with them and now are losing everything including their homes and cars and even their shoes and phones. Who knew I would take the church down then help the leaders so much in the end.

My Big Dick.


Scott T. Kemery

He Said

Palm Springs California 12:57 PM

December 11  2018

He Said.

One month ago today I started running my requests for the extermination of the New World Order that went beyond the fifty/fifty burn splits. What is going on right now is so intense I can hardly describe it. The CIA is now increasing the speed of extermination at least one thousand fold every Planck second without me saying one word. The numbers on all lists are so high I had to rename them for our purposes only. The Central Intelligence Agency gave an identification number to every single person born since the beginning of time including those triplet clone things and those Polaroid people. The list is so long if one could view it on paper the stack of paper which would have numbers single spaced on both sides like a telephone book would be at least four feet high. How disgusting is that.

My Big Dick.

I did finally give Dick his Prada shoes. I went back in time and handed him thousands of guns preloaded with special silencers and six bullets and told him he would know what to tell his people to do when the time was right. Heads up Palm Springs Crossings Church. I also sent him a copy of my favorite Prada shoes in his size. Many of his Polaroids passed through time space wearing those shoes. Today has been an excellent day so far. I pushed to get rid of the Harmon’s and I did all at once then these fucking psychopaths of this city continued Germaine’s shit on that network. All persons who are carrying on to drive me crazy for our money are completely out of their fucking minds. They have this coming from the CIA, Bob and Scott and the Crossings Church in a huge way. The church paid for everything all members needed. The church instructed these cunts to never get involved with a Harmon or any of the nonsense on that network in the end. Church members were supposed to kill Harmon’s not hand them dollar bills in exchange for promises of imaginary millions of dollars for their efforts. Fuck these cunts especially most of the staff of nearby restaurants and hotels. You fucking idiots. Don’t forget the dirty firemen and police of this town. The Feds are also still all over the place. I am not sure if it is my twenty four from the last round but they are likely running that show.

I do hope this is my last post. I just made a new request that should within a few minutes anhialate the New World Order entirely. I am going to go smoke and sit and wait now. Fuck these cocksuckers. I did hear someone say today as they passed through out of time space they saw in Anaheim on the China Men’s time machine the amazing things Bob and I will do for their originals on their New World for billions of years. How nice was that to hear again. Any fucking second. Everyone waiting for transport sit tight and have faith. I am the grandson of Matthew who wrote ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, the grandson of Thomas Paine and the son of Lucky Luciano. One of my grandfathers is one of the forefathers of our tribe. I do hope I just hit the button that ends time for the Old World  and begins time for the New World and our next world as soon as possible.



Scott T. Kemery


Palm Springs California 8:04 PM

December 10  2018


Over the past few days I have been building numbers to use on my requests with the Central Intelligence Agency. The process is easy. All I am doing is creating very high numbers that nobody knows the names of and renaming the numbers for our purposes. That works well with the CIA. The machine I built of stacked requests is very effective. The numbers are dropping dramatically now. A few who clean rooms in this hotel who live in the hotel somehow got mixed in with the Harmon ‘coo koo call off’ shit before we exterminated all of the Harmon’s on earth and in time space. These fucking lunatics have not stopped screaming at me on that network for weeks now which in turn makes me work harder. They are convinced Germaine’s were right about everything and the China Men lied. They also expect millions of dollars of my money from her.

Last Night.

Riverside Sheriff’s Department in their embarrassment of how they handled my eviction and what I wrote about them had a plan in place to drive me crazy all night on that network so that I would appear insane to a judge today for a scheduled hearing regarding that eviction. The FBI were the one’s who told me years ago to never open my door for anyone. They were right. Last night my federal agents shot to death most of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department who were at this hotel to kill me or drive me crazy. The department complained to the FBI in San Bernadino a few times about what I am writing about and the Feds told them to go fuck themselves I was not doing anything wrong. I have every right to write what I feel but also kill anyone who threatens me or anyone in self defense. That is that. The judge was even in on the action. All want that imaginary million from dead Germaine which is Scott and Bob’s money that we both left in our Last Will and Testament documents to our fathers that nobody can find. What a typically disastrous hilarious night for us last night was.

I do not know what is in the water here but the most mentally ill people in the world lived or live here. More cannibals lived in the valley thanks to Lucy and the Harmon’s beginning in 2012. As of one hour ago when I hopefully made my last run to the store there were only forty five thousand people still alive within a seventy five mile radius of this hotel. Forty four thousand of those forty five thousand should come to this hotel and kill the cunts screaming at me on that network. They keep me awake all night and I speed up the end of time more and more every minute. I would let my most recent requests ride out if these assholes would stop. Any fucking second those waiting to be transported will be transported to the New World. I do hope most of the forty five thousand still alive are of those waiting. See you soon.


Scott T. Kemery